Happy Hive was founded in June 2017 and started to set up shop in Xavierville Subdivision, Quezon City. Due to several factors affecting the business, the coworking space was transferred to UP Village, Quezon City. It started with wanting to help other professionals and startup companies who are having a hard time navigating through the rough waters of entrepreneurship, business formation, and administrative functions to sustain the business. The coworking space was later on incorporated to function as an incubator space where students and other entrepreneurs could thrive regardless of their chosen activity.

The company is built on the values of transparency, open-mindedness, and continuous learning. “Happy” embodies the culture and atmosphere that we want to foster both for employees and clients; while the term “Hive” was derived from the concept of beehive where bees intrinsically work alongside to contribute to the survival of the colony. We LIVE, we WORK, and we PLAY, together.


The combined experience, skills, and personalities of Happy Hive team members
are the key ingredients to our culture and community.



Best known for her loud laugh and witty repartee, Cheska is a licensed Architect and project manager, in addition to being the Crazy Executive Officer (CEO). She is a mom of two and is thus experienced in general management, and thinks managing a company is somewhat easier than managing a household composed of a nine-year-old, a toddler, and their sporty father. Other minor experience includes previously being a COO at a start-up construction company and being a heritage advocate.



Reena – together with Diego, our office toddler – is in charge of the office cheer, operations, and online marketing. Don’t be fooled by her casual shorts and boisterous laughter - her previous stints as research assistant, registration manager for sports events, and chief administration and financial officer has molded her into a capable, all-around COO. Her calm, problem solving nature makes her the perfect point person of our clients. We honestly don’t know how she’s juggling being a full-time mother, a surfer, and our office mom who bakes yummy brownies (yes, free for all lucky visiting coworkers)!

Iris Ramilo


Our resident creative mind, Iris is also a licensed freelance Architect, Master Plumber, and Graphic Designer all rolled up into one! Her experience ranges from designing museums to logos, and was involved in a range of projects including commercial, residential, and heritage conservation. She is currently in charge of composing marketing materials as well as bringing in the brightness to our co-working space with her magical creative touch.

Lea Tibos


Lea is our in-house expert at administration processes and systems with 20 years of experience under her belt. She brings her personal work ethic to the team and will accomplish the goal whatever it takes. Her passion and dedication to work coupled with her single-handedly raising her son absolutely inspires the team. She is our dose of jolliness who chuckles at our shenanigans and reminds us to eat!

Jesse Reyes


Jesse is our reliable, cool, and eco-friendly administrative officer. We are absolutely spoiled by her efficiency and capability, and her background at UP Library and Information Science aids in straightening out our systems. She regularly reminds us to save the world by recycling and reusing plastic containers as our lunch boxes (thanks superwoman!).

Gabby Camacho


Our newest permanent fixture is a unicorn turned into a bee – Gabby! She is our junior designer who is actually a photoshop wizard, churning out vibrant publicity materials and the most touching “memorial” posters for our coworkers. She assists our in-house designers, creates online content, poses as office mascot, plays with visiting doggos and is a very good girl!

Belle De Guzman


As if Happy Hive isn’t happy enough, along comes Maybelle! A bright and cheerful addition to our administrative team, she is energy personified. With 10 years of practical work experience, she has honed her street smarts and techniques especially when dealing with government systems and interacting with public employees. She is most happy when zooming in, around, and out the office as our overall administrative assistant.