Administrative Services

Business Registration

  • Department of Trade and Industry / Securities and Exchange Committee
  • Local Government Units (Barangay and Mayor's Office)
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
  • Social Security System (SSS)
  • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC/PhilHealth)
  • Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF/Pag-ibig)


Happy Hive was conceived with the idea of a community that closely collaborates with each other in an environment that can foster creativity, learning, and productivity. The term “hive” was derived from the concept of beehive where worker bees intrinsically work alongside each other to contribute to the survival of the colony. “Happy” is a word that embodies the culture and atmosphere of the company to provide healthy growth and a balanced life for personal and professional development both for employees and clients.


Helping fellow entrepreneurs focus on their chosen profession and enterprise by providing support services makes it possible for Happy Hive to inspire others to also redirect their priorities to more important matters in life such as family, friends, health, and life in general. The collective experience and competence of each team member of Happy Hive enables the company to aid in the formation, survival, growth, development, and eventually, in the success of each community member.


To motivate collaboration among members of the community, Happy Hive provides coworking spaces and meeting rooms for students, freelancers, and startup companies where there’s always room for imagination, resourcefulness, collaboration, play, and laughter. We greatly value transparency, open-mindedness, and continuous learning in every aspect of our lives. It's essential that we let our values be reflected in our culture. We live, we play, and we work, together.