Happy Hive was conceived with the idea of a community in a democratic environment that encourages creativity, learning, and productivity. We aim to promote a culture for healthy growth and balanced life.


Helping professionals and start-ups by providing administrative support and business solutions makes it possible for Happy Hive to create a community whose members can focus on developing their products, improve and share their skills, as well as establish an enterprise built on collaboration.


Providing venues such as coworking spaces and meeting rooms for students, freelancers, and start-ups where there’s always room for imagination, resourcefulness, teamwork, and laughter.


“Happy” embodies the culture and atmosphere that we want to foster both for employees and clients; while the term “Hive” was derived from the concept of beehive where bees intrinsically work alongside one another to contribute to the survival of the colony. We LIVE, we WORK, and we PLAY together.

Our Services

Business Permits

& Tax Compliance



Coworking Space
& Meeting Rooms

Virtual Office


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