Before the ECQ

A few days in Happy Hive before the Enhanced Community Quarantine ‘Lockdown’ was imposed in Metro Manila due to the spread of Covid-19 virus.

March 4

Peppa the Yorkie drops by Happy Hive with her hooman, Elle, who works at the office next door. She met Chloe, Jesse’s toy poodle. They had a few runs and a seemingly love-hate relationship has sparked. We are very glad to finally meet you, Peppa. We hope to see you again and we hope you would also get to meet our other resident doggos, Bacon and Igor! Follow her Insta, @smallpeppabigworld for a regular dose of cuteness. Also Igor @igorthebigor and Bacon @baconthecorghetto ^_^

And just like most days in Happy Hive, was filled with boisterous laughter and of course, (some) serious work XD

March 5

Goodbye Mayaman, Hello Matimtiman.

The day started at 10AM, visiting 105A Matimtiman, our new space. Reena with the entire design team–Cheska, Gabby, and I were there to take photos and measurements. We can almost imagine how busy (and noisy) the #matimtimansion would be.

Back in Mayaman, it’s jampacked and most are working on their deadlines.

March 7

A workshop was held this weekend led by Jed dela Cruz, founder of Bamboo Grassroots Atelier. We were happy to welcome a group of curious creatives for an afternoon of learning about applications of bamboo in architecture.

Meanwhile, in our meeting room, our team is having discussions on some serious stuff. XD
Oh, Happy Women’s Month by the way!

March 10

Cheesy Tuesday

Happy birthday to one of our resident doggos, Chloe! And thank you for the cheesecake, Jesse! The vibe was very laidback, people were focused on their laptops. Yes, it can be quiet here sometimes, too. XD

It has been a month since the quarantine… the office has been silent while people work remotely from their homes. Most days have been clouded by bleakness. Nonetheless, we still look forward to the future with brightness as we slowly create a new way of doing things.

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