5 Free Social Media Schedulers

One of the challenges of keeping an online presence in this digital era is to match the schedule of your content to your audience. It gets even harder when you handle multiple platforms. Fortunately, there are free social media schedulers that are hidden somewhere here on the web! In this article, we’ll share the five free social media schedulers we handpicked that could be helpful for you or your business to work more efficiently!

There are tons of social media schedulers out there, but not all offer a free plan. So, here’s a concise list to help you make a decision on what’s right for you or for your team.

Buffer’s free plan offers integration of 3 social media profiles where you can choose between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With those 3 social media profiles, you can schedule up to 10 posts each. In addition, you can customize your posts for each social media profile!

One of the things that we love about Buffer is the easy and clean user interface that helps navigate the tool easily. Their customer support is also being praised for being friendly and for providing prompt replies. Bonus! They also have an app available for both iOS and Android. 

If you’re using the free plan, there are some restrictions. Some of these are analytics, insights, and reporting are not part of the free plan. 

If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook recently changed its company name to Meta hence the change of name to some of its products. Facebook Business Suite previously is now called Meta Business Suite

This tool is tailor-made for, of course, Meta platforms – Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. You can use multiple accounts for each platform too! This would be perfect if your target audience is most active on these platforms since you can manage all these three in one place. You can schedule not only posts but also stories for Facebook and Instagram, how great is that? Connecting with your audience is also made easier with Meta Business Suite as you can read and reply to your messages and comments in one place. It also allows its users to create ads as well as to track the insights of the published content. One downside for this tool is that it’s only suitable for Meta-owned platforms. 

Hootsuite is another social media scheduler that allows users to create content and publish it to different platforms. It allows one user and up to two social accounts where you can choose between Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With its recent update, it only allows up to 5 posts for the free plan. 

One great feature of Hootsuite’s free plan is the social listening that allows you to follow relevant hashtags for what’s trending. It also gives a basic statistic for you to follow what’s happening to channels you’re handling. With all these great features, believe me, it is still limited especially if you manage multiple platforms. 

Later is originally an Instagram scheduling tool but they’ve expanded to more platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. For their free plan, they offer one social set (one account per platform – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest). With one user you can schedule up to 10 posts per social profile. They also allow the unlimited upload of photos and videos. You can also make a visual Instagram planner and you can plan and save your captions or hashtags. However, if you’re on the free plan, there’s no available customer support so you’re on your own!

With the free plan of Crowdfire, you can use up to 3 social accounts with their supported social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) and 10 scheduled posts for each. They provide you with 1 day social and advanced analytics. They also offer content curation where they suggest articles for your topic and images for Instagram and Pinterest. Just like Later, the free plan doesn’t come with customer support so again, you’re on your own.

Each social media scheduler has its own pros and cons. It is now up to you which is the most suitable for you or for your team. 


Here’s a comparison table for the 5 free social media schedulers above. Choose wisely!

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