Mommy, it’s okay

Mommy, it’s okay. Mommy, I know you have sacrificed a lot and will still do, but it’s okay, you know it’s worth it. 

Mom, it’s okay. When things are not going your way and all you want to do is curl up, break down, and cry but you can’t because there’s a list in your head that’s far from done. You heave a heavy sigh and continue with your long day and longer night like you’ve got all things covered even if you don’t.

Mama, it’s okay. I know you lose your cool sometimes and you berate yourself and carry that guilt with you but I want you to know that I see you. I see how you’re doing the best you can. I see how you put everyone else first. I see how you let go of the things you want and need in life for your family’s comfort.

Nanay, it’s okay. For the times you feel bad because people around you judge you for the things they don’t understand and never will, you will get through it. After all, those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.

Mother, it’s okay when you let go of less important things than your sanity. Sip that wine, get that well deserved sleep, take a long and leisurely walk. Think of yourself. It is not a sin to put yourself first. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Ina, it’s not permanent. Even the good things. Embrace the moment. Feel that emotion. When your newborn is occupying all the space in your head, heart, and home, be aware of the importance of your love in their lives. Bask in the warmth of your toddler’s attention. Find comfort in your teenager’s independence knowing fully well that you’ve raised a capable and kind human being. Delight in the thought that all your hard work and perseverance in guiding and nurturing them makes it all worth it. It’s not always a bad day.

Mommy it’s all fleeting. For all the unpleasant things that happened before, are happening now, and will happen again – no matter how enormous, this, too, shall pass. There’s something to learn in shouting matches, tantrums, and shattered glass. Pick up whatever was broken from the ground , may it be you, your kid, or the pieces of a broken heart. Breathe deep and take one step at a time.

You are enough. You, at one point in your child’s life, are their whole world. Make no mistake about the importance of your presence. Hold on to these words for there will be times that you will forget. So go back to this Mommy, go back to this feeling,  this resolve of respecting and cherishing yourself. It is a tremendous responsibility but also an overwhelming honor to pass on to another all that which you hold dear. You are a mother, you are always enough, more than enough.

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