The Beetch That Was 2022

Skye, a literal beetch (female dog) at the beach.

Our little community is always buzzing with happiness and togetherness but 2022 gave us a hard slap on the face when several complications that seemingly needed endless damage controls reminded us that sometimes life really hands you lemons.

Kunyari lemons ito at hindi buko.

For each and every challenge we encountered, we had to keep our chin up, suck up whatever difficult emotions we were feeling for the meantime, and deal with the situation with as much accountability and responsibility as we could. We collectively forgot momentarily that we had each and everyone to depend on. You see, working at home most of the time and sorting out problems independently can make one lose sense of community for a while. Isolation, whether mental, physical, or emotional, is no stranger to everyone after the pandemic hit, and even the happy Happy Hive was not spared.

It was taxing ehem tax compliance service kayo dyaarrrn! to maintain the happiness and cohesion when each and everyone of us was trying to manage our own respective responsibilities and problems. It’s like juggling multiple lemons all at once and hoping none would hit us in the face. We were bruised, we were tired, but we were not defeated.

Into the waves!

So what do you do when life hands you lemons? Well, you make lemonade. Or if you’re feeling fancy (and a little bit alcoholic), you can always add a dash of vodka and have a nice lemon martini.

Kunyari martini iniinom namin and hindi beer.

The point is, we can’t control what life throws at us, but we can control how we react and make the best out of a sour situation. And when all else fails, we still have each other to rely on. Just like how a slice of lemon can enhance a dish, our community can enhance and support each other in times of need.

Last month, we were able to cap off a stressful year that was 2022 and a tedious tax season by going to our favorite beach front resort in Baler (thank you again for the memories @balituk) with our dearest families and most dependable team. As I stand by the sandy shore after getting stoked from surfing with one of my business partners and closest friends, we watch with a renewed sense of motivation as our team revel in the simplest of enjoyment together, reminding us what all this was for – making a difference, a dent, paying it forward. Creating a space and experience better than how we first found it, and it seems like we’re getting there, one challenge at a time.

So, let’s raise our glasses and toast to making the best out of tough situations, and cheers to a stronger and more resilient Happy Hive community.

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