Let us tell you about
our thriving hive.

Our History

Happy Hive was founded in June 2017 and started to set up shop in Xavierville Subdivision, Quezon City. Due to several factors affecting the business, the coworking space was transferred to UP Village, Quezon City in late 2017 then Sikatuna Village, Quezon City in 2020.

It started with wanting to help other professionals and startup companies who are having a hard time navigating through the rough waters of entrepreneurship, business formation, and administrative functions to sustain the business. The coworking space was later on incorporated to function as a one-stop shop where students and other entrepreneurs could thrive regardless of their chosen activity.

The company is built on the values of transparency, open-mindedness, and continuous learning. “Happy” embodies the culture and atmosphere that we want to foster both for employees and clients; while the term “Hive” was derived from the concept of beehive where bees intrinsically work alongside to contribute to the survival of the colony. We LIVE, we WORK, and we PLAY, together.

Our Vision

A service-oriented company geared towards helping other individuals and businesses focus on their core business activities, improve opportunities for growth, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and improve bottom line by decreasing expenses.

Our Goal

Create a venue and business support for professionals and start-ups. We especially want to empower creatives to become entrepreneurs, legitimate freelancers, and business owners. In time, we want this service to be accessible to all at convenient locations within communities.

Worker Bees

The combined experience, skills, and personalities of Happy Hive team members are the key ingredients to our culture and community.

Reena Lebanan

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Reena, aka Diego’s mom, the office dynamo who effortlessly wears multiple hats while rocking casual shorts and a contagious laughter. From her days doing research  and data management to managing sports events registration and Chief Administration and Financial Officer, Reena has curated her various experiences and combined it with her naturally extroverted nature to take on the CEO role. Juggling motherhood, managing the Hive, and surfing, Reena truly defines the art of multitasking.

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Cheska Roque

Chief Operations Officer

Meet Cheska, the diplomatic planner with the boisterous laughter! As a licensed architect and experienced project manager, she brings her creativity and knack for organization in the business world effortlessly.Having previously served as a COO, a heritage advocate, and as a CEO for six years of Happy Hive, she’s no stranger to keeping an eye on processes and driving growth. She is more than happy to pass the crown and concentrate on the nitty-gritty internal systems of the hive!

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Iris Ramilo

Project Manager

Iris is our stylish project manager currently honing her skills in documentation using her paralegal training. Oh by the way, she is also a licensed architect and a Master Plumber on the side! Don’t let her  quiet demeanor fool you – she is continuously processing and thinking of solutions and proposals and organizing information. You can count on her to get things done.

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Lea Tibos

Human Resource Manager

Meet Lea, the admin guru and HR manager with a lifetime of know-how. Her superb work ethic makes conquering any goal look easy. Supermom alert – she’s raising her son solo, proving superheroes are real. With her trendy earrings and cheerful vibe, she keeps the office joyfully buzzing. A dose of jolliness, she chuckles at our shenanigans while pushing us onward. Watch out – Lea’s in charge!

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Maybelle De Guzman

Administrative Assistant

Maybelle, with her radiant personality and boundless energy, is a perfect match for our administrative team. Over a decade of experience has honed her street smarts and government system navigation to pro levels. Interacting with public employees? Piece of cake for Maybelle! Zooming around the office, she handles administrative duties like a boss. Buckle up, because Maybelle’s energy is contagious!

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Jake Manacob

Administrative Assistant

Jake takes on the roles of SK officer, Administrative Assistant, and Entrepreneur with finesse. He’s a model of adaptability, effortlessly turning lemons into refreshing lemonade. Don’t let his silent working style fool you, though—during our breaks, he becomes the master of jokes, keeping us entertained. When it comes to keeping records, issuing receipts and checks for clients, as well as coordinating with various people, he’s in his element. 

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Noel Marfil

Liaison Staff

Meet Noel, our rebel with a cause, making tasks look like a breeze while championing our clients’ needs. On the basketball court or as a Red Cross volunteer, he’s always going the extra mile. And let’s not forget his love for cruising on his motorcycle! But his true superpower? Bringing laughter and fun to the crew. Say hi to Noel, and you’re in for a joke-filled exchange that’ll leave you grinning ear to ear. Work hard, play hard— that’s Noel’s way of life!

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Jeff Mendoza

Liaison Assistant

Here’s our OG go-getter– Jeff! He’s always on the move, hustling around to process permits and run errands for our clients like a pro. With irresistible charms and street smarts, he’s the ultimate liaison. When not rocking the Happy Hive, you’ll find him teaching Taekwondo, going on two-wheeled adventures with his motorcycle, or cherishing moments with loved ones. Jeff is a man of many talents, and he knows how to seize the good times like a master! 

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Karla Del Rosario

Finance Manager

Get ready to groove to the beat of numbers with Karla! Listen closely, and you’ll hear the crunch of numbers as she works her magic. She finishes her tasks with a dash of wit and charm. Karla effortlessly balances our honey, keeping client books in top-notch shape. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, she fearlessly takes on any project. Who says crunching numbers can’t be fun and fab? 

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Isabel Sibit

Accounting Officer

Say hello to Bel, the Versatile bee with a capital V at Happy Hive – she’s got the brains and the books on lock. As our accounting wizard, she spots a decimal-point with her sharp eyes. But beneath that composed exterior is a brainiac ready to share her insights. Once you get her talking, prepare for a great conversation. She’s always buzzing with curiosity, ready to explore and uncover new thrills.

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Jules Elpedes

Accounting Assistant

Jules, our resident lover of all things blue, rarely finds himself feeling blue. Despite his introverted nature, he’s got that unstoppable determination, both at work and while slaying opponents in Mobile Legends. With his organizational capability, he’s the go-to guy for finance records and schedules. But here’s a secret– Jules has a hidden talent for singing. So, don’t hesitate to tag him for a karaoke session because he’s ready to belt out some tunes and bring the good vibes.

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Jesse Reyes

Accounting Assistant

Meet Jesse, our Accounting Assistant with a green thumb. With her background in Library and Information Science, she got our file organizing set up. But that’s not all— you can count on her to closely coordinate with our clients. She’s also our eco-warrior, reminding us to save the world one plastic container at a time. Jesse truly embodies the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” while effortlessly saving the day in the office.

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Marinet Tulale

Marketing Assistant

Marinet knows the ins and outs of client inquiries and concerns like no other. She’s the master of handling service inquiries, proposal requests, and ensuring our services are in the spotlight. But when she’s not busy with all things marketing, she’s a wealth of knowledge on balisong flipping, yoga, water sports, and Pinoy culture. Marinet’s passion for learning and her diverse interests truly make her a standout.

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Gabby Camacho

Creative Content Officer

Behold, Gabby, the magnificent unicorn turned buzzing bee at our hive! As our Creative Content Officer, she works her magic, generating vibrant collaterals and crafting those witty captions. Gabby takes on various tasks, from assisting our in-house designers, creating captivating online content, and even donning the mantle of office mascot. But her talents don’t end there! She’s a pro at playing with visiting doggos! She’s got the good vibes making our hive a place of delight.

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Vhin Nora

Office Custodian

Meet our Office Custodian, Vhin! He makes sure our space is all set for working and every coworker visiting is accommodated well and properly. His attention to detail and helpfulness makes him a perfect fit not just as our office custodian but as well as an extra team player for our Admin team. Although his work is always top notch, he takes pride the most in being a great dad to his son. If you need a reliable team player, Vhin’s got your back!

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